Top Technology Companies in Mexico

You probably wouldn’t consider Mexico as one of the leaders in technology, but the city of Guadalajara is considered the Silicon Valley of Mexico, producing software, electronics and digital components.

While there are hundreds of international technology companies who have moved offices to Mexico, there are still a handful of genuine Mexican technology companies that are thriving and enjoying customers such as IBM.

Companies such as IBM and Siemens have moved their offices to Mexico as the area becomes a hub for technology, but it’s the Mexican top technology companies that continue to thrive, enjoying customers from all over the world.

American Movil is the largest pan-regional wireless operator in Mexico. This wireless operator has over two hundred and twenty five million mobile customers, it has over twenty eight million fixed lines, thirteen million fixed broadbands and ten million television subscribers.

Softtek is the largest software company generating clear $146 million revenue per annum. Softtek has been in operation for thirty years and is now the main software company globally, they have 7,000 professionals that focus on information technology and business processes through development and support.