Top Technology Companies in Mexico

You probably wouldn’t consider Mexico as one of the leaders in technology, but the city of Guadalajara is considered the Silicon Valley of Mexico, producing software, electronics and digital components.

While there are hundreds of international technology companies who have moved offices to Mexico, there are still a handful of genuine Mexican technology companies that are thriving and enjoying customers such as IBM.

Companies such as IBM and Siemens have moved their offices to Mexico as the area becomes a hub for technology, but it’s the Mexican top technology companies that continue to thrive, enjoying customers from all over the world.

American Movil is the largest pan-regional wireless operator in Mexico. This wireless operator has over two hundred and twenty five million mobile customers, it has over twenty eight million fixed lines, thirteen million fixed broadbands and ten million television subscribers.

Softtek is the largest software company generating clear $146 million revenue per annum. Softtek has been in operation for thirty years and is now the main software company globally, they have 7,000 professionals that focus on information technology and business processes through development and support.


Popular Mexican Food

In the last few years, the growth of the internet has metaphorically shrunk the world making different cultures and cuisines readily accessible wherever you may be located. If you are in Shanghai, China for work, for example, it’s no surprise that you can find Vietnamese or Thai restaurants that are ready and willing to do your every bidding. However, of all the cuisines that have become global trends, few can argue that Mexican food is an option well loved by many that anyone regardless of salary scales enjoys a Mexican-inspired meal every now and then.

Proof of this comes in the form of the many popular Mexican foods that are cooked in many households all over the world. Here are examples that you can take advantage of if you are looking for inspiration for preparing your next Mexican meal.

  • Tacos and tortillas. Everyone loves tortillas and tacos. The most commonly eaten are flat bread tortillas with fresh ingredients to create a light snack or appetizer designed to get your taste buds going. The popularity of these foods today has led many households to create their own versions with no need to visit website for any guide. In fact, one can simply purchase tortilla bread or taco chips from the nearest supermarket and then add the ingredients that you love. It’s a well-loved meal that is even marketed by various fast food chains; the truth is that the world cannot get enough of the Mexican taco and tortilla.
  • Mole. Pronounced as “mole-ay”, the mole is a sumptuous addition to any meal and is perfect for any time in the day. It is a delicious sauce that works with most meats like chicken or even with enchiladas. In the world of Mexican dishes, moles are the supreme group of recipes as this works with a variety of recipes to give you a holistic palate teaser that adds a level of finesse and flavor to any dish.
  • Guacamole. The guacamole is a well-loved recipe because it is healthy and versatile salad or condiment, depending on your taste and preferences. It is made from avocados flavored with tomato, onion, garlic, lime and yogurt and is best served cold as an appetizer or together with meats as a salad. The perfectly-made guacamole will make you go for it with wanton abandon quite simply because it is a recipe that is well worth every bite.
  • Leche flan. The flan recipe actually had its origins in Mexico but has since spread to other parts of the world. It is a dessert made from sugar and eggs and its goodness on a plate will make you feel like you just received a free cell phone for Christmas. It’s relatively easy to prepare but requires experience to perfect so if you are eyeing your first flan, try to grab it first from a bakery to learn the right consistency before attempting to make it on your own.

There are many other popular Mexican foods that can floor you with all the goodness and glamour of great cooking and sumptuous feasts. Visit a Mexican restaurant near you or try your hand at cooking your own version of these popular Mexican foods to invite the ambiance of Mexico into your home and savor the taste of one of the more respected and sought after culinary experiences in the world.

Famous Places in Mexico

Mexico has a wide range of excellent touristic attractions to offer to all of its visitors, all year round. In case you feel the need to watch some live streaming videos with Puerto Vallarta or Isla Mujeres in Mexico, chances are this is not going to happen anytime soon. Puerto Vallarta alone spreads along an amazing coastline that is 40 miles long, so no live camera could probably capture the entire beauty and splendor of this place. Blogging for kids and debating a few of the Mexican hot touristic spots could help you find out more about all the gorgeous things that are to be discovered here. We strongly advise you to take advantage of these next few lines and try to visualize these places, so you can hurry up and buy those plane tickets sooner than later.

Puerto Vallarta is one utterly exciting place that all tourists should make time for when visiting Mexico. It is widely spread along the Sierra Madre Mountains and it offers visitors and local people a breathtaking diversity in terms of outdoor activities, art and music, and even foods. The Bay of Banderas and the vivid sunsets there, the lovely zoo or the chance to use a pangs to go on sea and watch whales, the walks on the Malecon street in the evenings, the mariachi or tequila reggae musical attractions, if you get it now, it means that you are one step away from actually visiting this lovely place, even though you might be suffering from some more or less severe pinched nerve health issues. Watching maç izle tv shows online while in Mexico might sounds like a bad idea, considering the entire collection of fascinating places to visit and things to do.

Isla Mujeres is located near Cancun, even though it seems to be a place out of this world, let alone Cancun or Mexico. It is a gorgeous small island that is drenched in old, charming history and relaxing atmosphere. You can eat, drink, shop, chill, relax, swim, get a nice tan, and enjoy some fine Mexican siestas here. Scooters, bikes, cars and carts could be all taking you places here, and you could go ahead and serve your lovely fish meals featuring fresh fish caught by the youngsters of the families here. You can find decently cheap accommodation here, enjoy the family run motels here and take on snorkel diving, if you will.

Oaxaca is yet another highly popular place in the southeast of Mexico. If you are a genuine gourmand or you are in love with culture, fine arts, or impressively rich history tales, Oaxaca is the place to be. It has proud mountains and soothing beaches, wild jungles, and a great deal of architecture to provide all of its visitors with.

The bright side of Mexico

I remember distinctly about how a friend of mine was once not allowed to go to Mexico for a summer internship by her parents. They didn’t mind if their daughter traveled much further away, no. however, Mexico was an issue.  According to their beliefs, Mexico was not a ‘safe’ place.  It is true that often when we think of Mexico, the first things to come to our minds are drug lords, gangsters and crimes.  Just like dreamweaver templates are designed to program in a certain way, our brains are also programmed to immediately think of negative things about a place even if it is remotely related to something negative.  Well, this post has been written with the intention of making you see past all the darkness that Mexico is associated with and for you to see the bright side of Mexico. Continue reading in order to find out more!

Mexico is very famous for its renowned dish, chili. This dish is a mixture of meat, beans, red hot chili peppers and meat. There are various other Mexican dishes such as burritos and tortillas that are famous worldwide. These cuisines are normally spicy and excite your taste buds greatly. Mexican cuisine is appreciated all over the world.

Mexico is also one of the most visited countries of the world. This increases Mexican tourism greatly. It is host to a number of world heritage sites and has some ancient buildings that remind people of past civilizations. Its cultural festivals are something that people actually borrow US Fast Cash loans in order to fund their trips. These festivals are ever so popular and give individuals to experience culturally rich experiences.  The famous Mexican hats are a symbol of love for Mexico all over the world! Mexican beaches are also a site that people frequently love to visit.

Mexico is also very actively involved in the technology industry. Mexico is host to the sixth largest electronics industry in the world. A number of electronic appliances, television sets, cell phones and several other electronic components are produced in Mexico. A number of sites have their servers based in Mexico. For instance, a site that allows you to buy soundcloud followers might actually be based in Mexico owing to the popular trend that involves servers being based in Mexico. These industries contribute greatly to the Mexican GDP and increase the per capita income every year for the Mexicans.

There are only 18 mega diverse countries in the world and Mexico is one of them. Yes, Mexico has rich biodiversity i.e. various different species of plants and animals live in Mexico thus making it an excellent place for environmentalists to study nature.

You see, if you start judging a dentist based on a few dentist reviews, you may not be able to see how talented the dentist really is. In order for you to be able to see the hidden amazing things in an anything, you first need to conduct thorough research of your own instead of relying on a few opinions.  This is exactly the case with understanding Mexico.

Is Mexico a good place to visit?

If you happen to reach one of the southernmost parts of the United States of America, you will most certainly arrive at an international border which is the gateway to a very famous country named Mexico.  Mexico is a great place to visit for it is rich in history, culture, tourist attractions, food, and people.

Located in North America, Mexico is home to many advanced ancient Amerindian civilizations, such as the Olmec, Toltec, Teotihuacan, Zapotec, Maya, and Aztec.  Eventually conquered and colonized by Spain in the 16th century, Mexico achieved new heights as a nation in terms of organizing itself and putting its place in history.

The interesting culture of Mexico is a result of the centuries-old clash and harmonious mixture of indigenous cultures with that of Spanish culture which permeated into the people’s consciousness as a result of the 300-year colonization of Mexico by Spain.  Over the years as more people migrate to Mexico, more external cultures are slowly intermingled to make Mexican culture uniquely its own.

Have you tasted any Mexican food lately?  Mexico is famous for its gastronomic delights, such as enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, tamales, and nachos.  If you are into drinks, then check out Mexico’s famous tequila, mezcal, margaritas, and Corona beer.  Well, you can always buy these drinks anywhere in the world, but having a round of drinks in Mexico itself will certainly take the experience to a whole new different level.

If you want to unwind and have a relaxing vacation, then check in into any one of Mexico’s fun resort cities in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Zihuatanejo, and of course, Mexico City.  After enjoying the world-class beaches, explore the other tourist attractions spread all throughout Mexico.  You can either go visit the beautiful haciendas and fine colonial buildings in the city of Guanajuato or imagine yourself going back in time in Palenque as you marvel at the finest architecture and sculptures the Maya civilization has ever produced.

Of all the wonders and riches in Mexico, the most precious is its warm and friendly people.  Home to an estimated 118 million people, Mexico is a concoction of diverse groups of people from all walks of life.  Not to be outdone by other countries, Mexico has put its mark in the world of beauty,  entertainment, and sports.  Mexico produced two Miss Universe:  Lupita Jones in 1991 and Ximena Navarrete in 2010.  Famous Mexican movie stars include Salma Hayek, Danny Trejo, and Pedro Infante.  Celebrated sports personalities include Oscar dela Hoya and Juan Manuel Marquez for boxing, Eduardo Najera for basketball, and Lee Trivino for golf.

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